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Kiwi a gogo

Hey Tracy + the Plastics fans.

I'm a New Zealander travelling to Hungary for study in November and then to Germany for a week to catch up with friends, and then to England for a week and a half to holiday.
I'm really interested in finding out more info about gigs and clubs that are on at the beginning of Decemeber in London as I'll be there then and in all honesty NZ lacks a lot in the riot grrrl, homocore, queercore scene.
I really wanted to go to Homo a Gogo this year, but I can't afford anymore overseas trips.

What sort of things could anyone suggest?

I've heard that Club Motherfucker is good in London. Any other suggestions?

Some of my favourite bands are the Gossip, the Butchies, Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, Tracy + the Plastics, Mirah, Team Dresch, Amy Kasio, Audio Porn etc.
See my profile for more info.

I'd also be interested in meeting up with people in London with similar interests.

Sorry if I end up spamming your communities.




Did anyone check out LIBBER? I'd like the report, if so...

Also, I've tried going to the official Tracy website and it doesn't seem to work anymore. :(

From the official site

hello. news update:
tracy + the plastics is no longer a touring band. we'll continue our
collaborations w/ fawn krieger as ROOM. thanks to everyone who's
supported us over the past 6 years!!! there will be information on
future projects in the coming months on this website. and also this
site will begin to be more of an archive, so please send pictures or
video documentation if you have it! to: tracy + the plastics archive,
c/o chainsaw records, pobox 11384 portland or 97211.

I don't know how I feel about this. Thoughts?

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total amateur question here:

Anyone know a good free video editing program that'll like, let me draw on the video? I have nooo idea how to do it or if it's possible, but any help would be appreciated!

Wynne's new bag???

I got this bulletin from Chainsaw Records on muhspace:

"Team Dresch @ neumos in seattle, May 26th.
our first show since Homoagogo starring, Donna, Jody, Kaia and Marci.

come see us!

and see the Debut of Wynne's (tracy the plastics) new band LIBBER

and someone else totally awesome"

uhh hello new band? anyone heard about it?

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just found these tour dates from Free Agency Booking:

March 4th - Spokane, WA - Unified Groove Merchants
March 5th - Missoula, MT - Higgins Alley
March 8th - Fargo, ND - the Aquarium
March 9th - Minneapolis, MN - Venue TBA
March 10th - Grinnell, IA - Gardner Lounge, Grinnell College
March 11th - Chicago, IL - Rodan
March 12th - OHIO show TBA
March 13th - Buffalo, NY - Mohawk Place
March 14th - Albany, NY - Venue TBA

April 1st - Pittsburgh, PA - Andy Warhol Museum

Europe tour for ATP TBA

08.12.06 - miami, fl ROOM @ the moore space

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Does anyone know how old wynne is? I thought she was like 21 or 22 then I was reading her zine tonight from 2002 in which she mentions having left college 5 years ago which would make her like late 20's by now... Here I am thinking I read somewhere that she is super young.